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“ A culture rather anglo Saxon ”

Avis déposé le 26/03/2015

Note globale : ★★★★★

Salaire / Avantages ★★★★★

Evolution de carrières ★★★★★

Management ★★★★★

Culture ★★★★★

Equilibre vie pro / privée ★★★★★

Assessment: Very good experience as negotiator

Skills obtained: International relational culture rather anglo Saxon.

Strengths and weaknesses: Highlight its competitiveness and expertise, point low its management after the events of sept 11, 2001

What you have more or less appreciated: Very good atmosphere until Sept. 11 (big bonus, bonus, incentive etc...) then degradation of staff relations the why and how? (everyone wanted to keep his post) Atmosphere deletaire. Short I prefer to leave the ship until it was financially possible.
Relations, it went from a good work very atmosphere at a barracks atmosphere with
strict rules.

I would advise the people of investire in green, ecology, Africa, Asia, Latin America.
So many things to do.
Note given after the event from 11 sept. Change of strategy, HR policy,.