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“ The human factor has played a key role ”

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I participated with others in the development of activity of investment bank. However, the main characters of this adventure are now exanien.

I therefore indisputably make dream telling a great collective adventure which, starting from almost nothing about derivatives, has enabled us to build a chain of production of complex products that can compete with the big names (in terms of complexity, no financial surface). All this in an environment dominated by an entrepreneurial spirit which has proved both a true engine because we were just forced on the spectrum of our project and a brake sometimes linked to a greater risk sensitivity elsewhere the fact that executives at the same time are owners of the company. It also was for me a great source of motivation to be compared to my heritage total pretty invested in the capital of Exane.

So in view of the size of the company, my outline level, the human factor has play a leading role and as men have still much changed it is difficult to give an opinion.

I could say that initially I was seduced by the leaders but the magic has not indefinitely perdurée.

I could also tell you that I am a highly atypical person, that this atypicite was generally well tolerated during the construction phase of the new activity that has good last 5 years, but only after it has been a source of conflict (as others, I'm not regular in the energy I spend to work. I do not respect the standard codes: clothes, hourly. I have a very rich life artistic, emotional, sporting, but I put no barriers between the different part of my life)