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Province du Luxembourg

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Loïc PATRIS, Fiduciaire Treuconsult, Corporate secretary

“ Advantages: Autonomy, openness ”

Avis déposé le 25/04/2016

Note globale : ★★★★★

Salaire / Avantages ★★★★★

Evolution de carrières ★★★★★

Management ★★★★★

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Equilibre vie pro / privée ★★★★★

Experience: Disappointment for not being able to stay over a long time have further practical knowledge.

Skills gained: Secretariat and management of files of the SA and SARL

Advantages: Autonomy, open-mindedness and rigour.

Disadvantages: Stress and hesitations by the attitude exaggerated the employer for tasks which, however, were not urgent

Advice to the company: It is not recommended to take a young graduate if you don't have the temperament to train