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Sales executive H/F

02 May Kanton Zürich, Zürich Perm

Main Function :
The Sales Executive is responsible for recruiting new clients.
He/she develops business for CACEIS by recruiting new clients and negotiating commercial agreements (estimates, contracts).
His/her efforts focus on the CACEIS target market segments to whom he/she offers a comprehensive or partial, multi-product service.
He/she also ensures the respectability of clients when entering into a relationship and onboarding and is therefore responsible for assessing inherent risks and the completeness of KYC files.
Main activities:
Prospecting for new clients
Define the target clients to recruit depending on the commercial strategies and orientations and according to the "client selectivity" policy
Adapt the commercial strategy defined by the HRC into an action plan
Implement his/her action plan, while taking into account the competition or other CAsa Group entities
Solicit new clients by proposing a comprehensive or partial, multi-product range
Develop the service offer for certain existing clients within a scope defined in advance with the managers of the Major Client, Premium, Corporate & Banks divisions
May, as needed, supplement the range of services with the various entities of CAsa Group
Perform the watch and the necessary analyses for assessment of first-level risks relating to the client in accordance with the standards and procedures applicable within CACEIS and guarantee that the conclusions are taken into account in the decision-making process upstream of concluding agreements.
Respond to RFPs 
Respond or participate in responses to RFPs (requests for proposals) and RFIs (requests for information) for new clients or existing clients
Supervision of the coordination of preparation of agreements concerning the business relationship
 Negotiate the terms of services with prospects: price proposal (established in agreement with his/her managers)
Gather the information needed to create the administrative file and compile the file for the Risk and Compliance Committee (CRC Committee) which makes it possible to ensure, in particular, the good character of clients
Check the completeness of documents received and that they are still valid
Ensure the legal, ethical and operational feasibility of the set-up negotiated with the client
Initiate onboarding of the new relationship and pass on to the relevant teams all documents and information necessary to provide the services sold
Coordinate updating of the contract management tool with CRMs, legal advisers and the BI, where relevant, when a new service is sold to a prospect or existing client, if required to do so by the organisation of his/her entity.
Conduct a regular market watch on pricing to ensure that CACEIS remains competitive
Sales representation of CACEIS
Participate on the Sales Committee
Represent CACEIS externally to a wide range of contacts
Represent his/her clients internally to CACEIS teams
Participate in events in the world of Asset Servicing

Several years experience in a similar role in the Asset Servicing industry.

Master degree in Finance, Economics

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