CA CIB Belgium

Technical / Risk


Corporate risk analyst

24 July Bruxelles-Capitale, BRUXELLES Volunteering

You will join Crédit Agricole CIB Belgium branch as Corporate Risk Analyst.
You will join Risk &Permanent Control (“RPC”) Division which provides analysis, monitoring and controls of counterparty risk, market risk, country and portfolio risk as well as operational risk.

During your assignment, you will work with Credit Analysts on the following missions:
- Risk analysis of groups, counterparties and transactions and discussions with the Front Office teams who ask these requests

- Issue of opinions on the quality of risks, in accordance with the Basel II agreements, as well as on the advisability for the bank to set up the requested financing

- Monitoring of the correct recording of credits in the systems

- Annual review of operational risk (risk mapping) with the help of the concerned activities colleagues, including the update of the controls plan of the Branch

- Supervision controls production

- Follow up of events with an operational risk impact (incidents declaration, losses collection, remediation plans implementation, etc.)

- Participation to the internal and external governance (organizing and managing the local operational risk committees, / data sharing with head office / yearly Internal Control Report, etc.)

You will be associated directly with the credit decision-making process and the management of the operational risk of the branch, and will be required to work in close collaboration with other departments of the bank.

You will have the opportunity to deepen your knowledge of the different financing products as well as your financial and legal vocabulary (in English) of the main financing contracts.
You will also be required to develop your knowledge in corporate finance (in particular by carrying out financial analyzes under US GAAP / IFRS standards) and in market finance (ISDA contracts, financial instruments such as futures / interest rate swaps , mark-to-market, margin calls, etc.).

As for operational risk monitoring, you will be trained and led by a head office staff with a high level of expertise on operational risk.
You will benefit from a transversal view of a CIB through its operational processes, while acquiring technical knowhow: reports production, meeting documentation, analytical approach of the different internal control issues of a financial institution.
You will also have the opportunity of discussions with your colleagues both from head office and the network.

To be eligible for a VIE : 
- Be European except Belgian
- Be less than 29 years old
- Be graduated of a Master Degree

A preivous experience in Corporate & Investment Banking is required.

Academic background : University or Business school.

Specialisation in Master 2 in Finance, Risk or Accounting.